At Horizon Campers, we specialise and sell products from only one manufacturer – Track Trailer. We maintain a strong relationship with Track Trailer and keep up-to-date with model changes and new options as they progress from R&D through to production. We have the experience and product knowledge to answer even the most detailed questions, and back this up with broad capability to provide service and warranty support for customers after the sale.

Rather than having a showroom with floor stock, we prefer to order TVANs to meet the specific needs of each customer. It might be matching wheels to your tow vehicle, adding a 2nd fan to ensure good airflow on a hot night, or simply changing the external colour because you don’t like ‘Murranji orange’ – we take pride in making sure every customer gets their perfect TVAN at the most competitive price possible.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have any TVAN or Topaz models available for immediate sale. We often pre-order production slots so that customers don’t need to wait the full lead-time from ordering to delivery. And when we attend trade shows – we usually take 1 or 2 demonstrator models which are often available for immediate delivery and priced well below RRP. If you’re thinking about buying a Track Trailer product, why not send us an email with your preferred model and options list so we can provide you with a quote. You might be surprised how competitive our pricing really is!!!