About Us


Established in 2010, Horizon Campers is run and operated by Jason and Mel Vaughan. With an extensive travel and adventure background, we understand the importance of reliable equipment. The decision to specialise in an Australian designed and manufactured product was easy. TVANs are versatile and simple, yet reliable and robust for travel in some of Australia’s most inhospitable areas.

We don’t just talk about travel with a TVAN, we actually use them ourselves!!! We regularly travel as a family of four and use our TVAN to venture both locally and interstate, visiting National Parks and iconic 4WD destinations. We know what TVANs are capable of, we know they keep out the rain and dust, we know they tow well over rough terrain, and we know they can provide the ultimate ‘home away from home’ for a family when you’re on the road for weeks at a time.

By operating from home, Horizon Campers can offer a personalised service that extends beyond normal business hours. Pickups and returns from hire can be arranged early or late in the day, and we’re more than happy to provide a personal demonstration of the TVAN after-hours or during the weekend. Contact us now to make an appointment, and let us show you how easy a TVAN is to set up and use.