What kind of trailer plug is fitted to the TVAN?

Horizon Campers usually order our hire fleet TVANs fitted with a 7-pin small round electrical plug and 50A Anderson Plug. We can also provide adapters to suit 7-pin large round and 7-pin flat plugs, in order to accommodate a variety of tow vehicles.

Where can I take the Horizon Campers TVAN?

The TVAN is designed to be towed off the bitumen. While it can be taken anywhere in Australia, the following are no-go areas and are excluded from our Insurance cover:

  • Any beach (including Fraser Island)
  • Any salt water environment
  • Through any freshwater greater than 400mm deep

Can I take pets in the Horizon Campers TVAN?

Pets are not allowed in the Horizon Campers TVAN. An additional cleaning fee will be charged if this occurs.

What is the weight of a TVAN?

Our TVANs are fitted with the optional front storage box and fridge slide. Empty, they weigh 1,100kg with a tow ball load around 120kg. Loaded with water tanks full, expect the TVAN to weigh 1,500kg with a tow ball load around 150 – 200kg. It is the responsibility of the hirer to manage tow ball load within the limitations of the tow vehicle.

What type of vehicle is required to tow a TVAN?

Any of the medium to large 4WDs will have no problem towing a TVAN provided that a suitable capacity tow bar is fitted. Check maximum capacity and tow bar down load with your vehicle manufacturer. Most medium sized 4WDs will have at least a 2,500kg tow bar rated to 250kg down load, which is well above the minimum requirement for towing a TVAN.

Can I carry a boat on top of the TVAN?

No, you cannot carry a boat on the TVAN due to its compact size, fibreglass roof and rear hatch arrangement.

My tow vehicle doesn’t have an electric brake controller. How do I operate the TVAN brakes?

Horizon Campers order TVANs fitted with an on-board electric brake controller, which is adjustable depending on load and road conditions. Operation of this is explained during the pre-departure hire induction.

What are the setup configurations?

  1. Warm weather, quick overnight stop – Lower deck, raise hatch, fit rear insect screen and enter (2min). Set up Quick Awning over kitchen (2min).
  2. Deploy tent (family setup) – Lower deck and fold out, raise hatch, drop tent from hatch and setup (5min).
  3. Long stay – Deploy tent with full awning (30min).

Is wet canvas packed up over the bed?

The TVAN design eliminates the issue of damp bedding caused by packing up in foul weather. The entire tent is stowed in the rear lift-up hatch well away from the bed area. No wet canvas will come into contact with bedding or clothing during transit.

I want to travel with kids. Where do they sleep in the TVAN?

The floor area in in the TVAN tent is slightly larger than a Queen size mattress. Kids will generally sleep on stretchers, self-inflating mats or swags, supported well above any moisture by the elevated hard floor. The floor of the TVAN tent is sealed to prevent ingress of spiders or bugs, and all of the kids’ bedding can be stowed (almost fully assembled) on the main bed mattress when travelling. There is ample space under the main bed area to store all clothing, food and supplies for a family travelling on an extended holiday.

What is the ‘try before you buy’ offer?

As an authorised agent for Track Trailer, we’re able to refund the equivalent of one week’s hire cost when you decide to purchase a new TVAN after hiring from Horizon Campers. Speak to us when you return from your holiday if you’re interested in ordering a new TVAN.

Do Horizon Campers sell second hand TVANs?

Yes, we do. We generally replace our hire fleet TVANs every two years and can provide a full service and maintenance history. Our TVANs are always maintained to the highest standard and any repairs are promptly carried out to avoid expensive breakdowns while out on hire.

Can I order my TVAN/Topaz/MATE through Horizon Campers but collect it from Track Trailer?

Absolutely. About 50% of our customers choose to save on freight costs and put this money towards fuel and accommodation to drive to Melbourne and collect their new TVAN direct from the factory. We can process the order with any options required by the customer, arrange for Queensland Registration and coordinate delivery and handover induction from Track Trailer – all at a very competitive price.